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Fischerco is a garden maintenance company based in Liverpool. We provide commercial and residential gardening services to businesses and individuals based in Liverpool City Centre and South Liverpool.

South Liverpool and Liverpool City Centre Gardeners

Fischerco can assist with all your commercial and residential gardening needs. We offer all aspects of gardening and specialise in:

We have a vast amount of Experience

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Our Services

Grass Cutting and Lawn Mowing Service South Liverpool​

You can depend on us to provide a Grass Cutting service to cater for all your private garden or commercial real estate lawn mowing needs; we deliver low-cost Grass Cutting services that are fantastic in terms of quality, efficiency and prices.

Why Book Fischerco Gardening Grass Cutting Service?

  • 30+ years experience
  • We are a long operating family owned gardening company
  • We have dedicated local Grass Cutting technicians – not jack of all trades!
  • We use the latest lawn mowers and equipment
  • We can use our ride on lawn mowers for large areas of grass
  • Commercial and residential property grass cutting service for South Liverpool
  • Retail parks, grasslands, parks, football pitches and entire private estates maintained

WhatsApp Karl to arrange your quote for South Liverpool grass cutting service.

Overgrown or Abandoned Garden Clearance ​

Our overgrown garden clearance garden tidy up service is fast, efficient and great value for the money.

We offer a full clearance service, clearing overgrown weeds, grass, bushes, trees and plants. We can also take the green waste away with us.

Grounds Maintenance for Organisations​​

Our clients vary from private homeowners, in need of regular garden maintenance, to local businesses and landlords who require a range of gardening services.

We comply with all health and safety conditions required and we hold full Public Liability Insurance.

Grounds Maintenance for Residential Blocks

We offer complete grounds maintenance for management companies and block of apartments. Let us take care of your grass and green spaces all year round.

School Grounds  Maintenance

We can use our ride on mowers for large areas of grass. We can help prepare school grounds for specific term time activities, allowing grassed areas to be in use year-round. Let us take care of your green spaces.

Tree Surgery South Liverpool

Our South Liverpool tree surgeons skilfully deliver a range of tree surgery services, including but not limited to:

  • Crown Reduction
  • Crown Thinning
  • Crown Lifting
  • Tree Felling
  • Coppicing
  • Tree Pruning
  • Pollarding
  • Hedge Cutting
  • Hedge Removal
  • Stump Grinding
  • Conifer Trimming
  • Conifer Removal

Book your no obligation qoute for Tree Surgery in South Liverpool.

Tree logs and Wood Chippings are available at very affordable prices.

Contact Karl if you want to purchase wood chippings or tree logs.

Garden Green Waste Collection and Recycling

Fischerco do all sorts of green waste garden removal work across South Liverpool and Liverpool City Centre.
If you desire to clear your garden of green waste, Fischerco are the experts you require.

If you have green waste in your garden that you are unable to fit into your green bin, or if you do not want to hire a expensive skip, then contact Fischerco.

For a fixed price our Green Waste Collection and Recycling team will collect your green garden waste. Why hire a expensive skip and then spend time filling it? Why dirty your car and spend time taking your green waste to your local tip green waste recycling centre?

Every day we collect numerous types of garden green waste such as hedge clippings, trees, hedges, conifers, roots, stumps, bushes and plants. Fischerco are your local experts for green garden waste collection and recycling.

None of our competitors go as far as we do to ensure the complete satisfaction of our consumers, and to make sure every task is done completely.

Contact us whenever you require some aid clearing out your garden.

Ivy Removal Service Liverpool


Some types of ivy stick to the walls and when removed the brickwork is left with with a spiders like web of hard to remove root matter.

Ivy growing on the walls of your house can sometimes look nice but the truth is it does quite a lot of damage to the brickwork. Mortar joints can erode as the ivy roots dig into it. Moisture collects against the walls much easier and it stays there much longer. Sticky ivy also attracts insects who feed off the sap. Rats and mice have been know to climb up wall ivy to enter open property windows.

Ivy Damage to Property & Trees
Uncontrolled Ivy can become a pest, causing damage to property, especially around door and window openings.

If your brickwork is in condition, ivy will not cause any significant damage. However, ivy will exploit any structural faults, leading in deterioration of mortar and brickwork, and possibly causing small fractures to widen into major structural faults. Guttering is also prone to ivy damage.

Ivy does not usually damage trees, but a tree or it’s branches, weakened from fungus or insect infection, may be a risk of falling due to the extra weight of the ivy. On rare occasions ivy can cause tree death by choking.

We have cleared hundreds of yards, buildings, walls, trees and gardens with overgrown ivy or ivy problems.

Butterfly Bush Removal

Buddleia (Buddlejadavidii) also known as the “Butterfly bush” or “the bomb site plant”. The butterfly bush was introduced into the United Kingdom from China in the 1890s, and though it has become widely naturalised on waste ground, along railway lines, canal sides and towns, it is often found growing in gardens. The familiar, purple flowers of Buddleia bloom from June to October, and attract all kinds of butterflies and moths. Its winged seeds are spread by the wind, making it very easy for the bush to colonise. Buddleia “Butterfly Bush” is a very familiar plant that has large, drooping, soft spikes of purple or white flowers. It has long, narrow leaves, and the flowers have a honey-like fragrance. Buddleia is a plant that can easily be removed. It is an invasive type of plant if left unchecked. Buddleja occurs in open and disturbed sites like railways, building sites, walls, wastelands and ruins. It produces many small seeds that are easily distributed. The seeds fall within a few metres of the parent plant and can be transported by:
  • Vehicles, along roads and railways
  • Wind
  • Animals
  • Water currents
  • Movement of contaminated soil
  • Poor site or poor grounds management
  • Seeds can remain dormant in the soil for years and will germinate when conditions are favourable.
  Fischerco Gardening Company Liverpool can assist with butterfly bush removal and control needs.

Garden Fence & Shed Painting Service

Garden fence, gate, decking & shed painting service – South Liverpool.

A good way to improve your outdoor environment in the garden is by painting your fence, gate, shed or decking.

With such changeable weather be it sun, snow, wind or rain we suggest painting your fence and shed to give it a longer life.

Painting your garden fence, gate, decking and shed is a great way to protect it, extend its life and and increase the value of your property.

If they are not painted every few years, fences, sheds, gates and decking will rot and obviously look scruffy. The wood used in most natural wood fences will age and turn a greyish silver colour so painting or staining is required for aesthetic reasons.

There are many colours of paint to choose from. Karl will be happy to recommend product and colours.

We have painted miles of fences, hundreds of gates and sheds for schools, nursing homes, commercial retail parks as well as painting miles of fences in residential gardens around the South Liverpool region.

Whatsap Karl, to arrange a free quotation on Fence, Gate, Shed or Decking painting in the South Liverpool region.

Pre Valuation Garden Tidy Up Service

Are you planning on Selling or Renting your Liverpool property? Use our PRE VALUATION GARDEN TIDY UP SERVICE before asking for a property valuation or letting valuations!

For a fixed price we can do the following:

  • Tidy your outside spaces
  • Tidy your garden or yard
  • Trim hedges
  • Trim or prune bushes and trees
  • Cut the grass
  • Paint your garden fences, paint yard walls, paint garden gates and your garden shed
  • Paint your garage door
  • Spray weed killer on gravel areas & patio areas
  • Spray weed killer on footpaths and driveways

Have your outside space ready for Estate Agent or Letting Agency marketing. Get the very best property valuation for the sale or letting of your Liverpool property.

This tidy up service is available to Liverpool Homeowners, Estate Agents, Letting Agents, Property Managers and Landlords. This service is for Commercial and Residential properties.

Fischerco Gardening Company are a Limited Company. We have been trading since May 2015. We are enhanced CRB/DBS certified. We have public liability insurance cover for 1 million. We are environment agency registered.

Keeping Shop, Business or Road Signs Clean and Visible 24/7

Fischerco are your perfect contractors for cleaning highway road signs and maintaining their cleanliness and visibility.
Our shop, road and highway sign cleaning service is perfect for County Councils or contractors whose main responsibility is to maintain road quality.
Fischerco are here to help 24/7, with road sign cleaning and maintenance.

Road signs can very quickly become covered in dirt and grime due to unavoidable circumstances, bad weather, spray from vehicles and air pollution can cause road signs to become dirty. It is important that road signs remain unspoiled and visible, as they contain vital information which keeps drivers and pedestrians safe while using the road.

Shop or business front signs
Fischerco shop or business sign cleaning service helps to increase the service life of your signage, helps maintain the lifespan of the sign and unnecessary sign replacement costs.

First impressions last; it is crucial to maintain the exterior of your shop or business premises 24/7.
Show your clients that you care with a nice clean shop sign.

Overgrown vegetation can obscure business, shop or road signs
Fischerco can trim or remove any overgrown vegetation covering signs to help with visibility or public safety.

Contact Fischerco to arrange your free sign cleaning quotation for the Liverpool City region.

Emergency Fallen Tree Removal

If you are in the unfortunate situation of needing an emergency tree removal in South Liverpool, Fischerco are the ones to call. The stress of an unexpected tree falling onto a property or a road can be very stressful and devastating, not only causing damage but also major disruption. Our swift and efficient emergency fallen tree site clearance is key to getting back to normal ASAP. Contact Karl if you need help with a dangerous or fallen tree in South Liverpool 07711 890 490 – 24 hour emergency call out service.

House of Fischerco

Give your home or office some life.

We sell a small selection of Beautiful Plants for the Home or Workplace by House of Fischerco Indoor plants are the perfect way to add some happiness, colour, energy & beauty to your home. We have a selection of plants to fit any home or any work space.
We stock a small selection of house plants in Liverpool, we also offer plant installation and ongoing maintenance.

Not only do houseplants increase the feel-good factor by having some greenery about, but many will also help purify the air. We even have a range of plants for the serial plant killers! House of Fischerco work hard to deliver healthy & attractive indoor plants to your beautiful home or office space.

House of Fischerco is only available to customers in the Liverpool City region. We do not post plants, we deliver them, using our own driver and our own vehicles.

House of Fischerco – Beautiful Plants for the Home or Workplace in Liverpool City.

Contact Karl with your enquires about indoor plants.

South Liverpool Garage Conversion

We specialise in converting existing single or double garages in South Liverpool into new rooms, TV rooms, kids playrooms, extended kitchens, bedrooms, home offices and even the occasional yoga room or gym room, and for single garages we can usually do a conversion within one week.

Fischerco South Liverpool Home Improvements Service

Imagine converting your existing South Liverpool garage space into a fully finished room that is suitable as a dining room, day room, cinema or TV room, kids play room, nursery, home office or study room or and additional bedroom.

Our highly experienced garage conversion team enables us to complete a simple single garage conversion in days, including decorating.

Book your no obligation quote for your South Liverpool Garage Conversion by Whatsapp or Telephone 0151 727 5630.

Fischerco Home Improvement Company for South Liverpool.

Real Christmas Tree Delivery and Collection Service

We offer a real Christmas tree delivery and collection service for the South Liverpool and Liverpool City Centre area.

Every January we collect hundreds of real Christmas Trees for recycling.

How to book
Text our mobile number 07711 890 490 to arrange collection of your real Christmas tree if you live in South Liverpool or Liverpool City Centre.

We will then respond to your text message with your Christmas tree collection date and time slot. When possible you should leave your Christmas tree outside your property for collection. We only charge £10 for every Christmas tree that is collected and taken away for recycling. Other companies charge £25/£30 a tree and some £35 for large Christmas tree collections!

What happens to my Christmas tree?
One of our trucks will take your Christmas tree away and it will then be chipped up and recycled.

How do I pay?
Pay us cash on collection, online by bank transfer or use our mobile Barclaycard card reader. Sales invoices will be provided to you on collection of your real Christmas tree.

South Liverpool Garden Maintenance

Fischerco is a long trading family owned South Liverpool garden maintenance company based in Aigburth.

Our Private Residential South Liverpool Garden Maintenance service offer householders in South Liverpool a convenient, fast and cost-effective solution for their gardening requirements.

For a set fixed price Fischerco will maintain your South Liverpool garden by one of our experienced Aigburth based gardeners.

We offer a monthly visit to maintain your South Liverpool garden.

From small courtyard garden to large lawns, our South Liverpool Gardeners can devise and complete a regular garden maintenance programme to keep your South Liverpool garden tidy all year round.

Our domestic garden maintenance programme consists of everyday gardening services, including grass cutting, cutting and maintenance of bushes and plants, weeding and planting.

In Autumn and Winter we also clear leaves and debris from your gardens and driveways.

Although all garden maintenance jobs are dependent on the individual customer’s requirements, most domestic gardens will require some or all of the gardening services below.

Book your South Liverpool Garden Maintenance quote today  – Contact Karl

What we offer:
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Customer Reviews

Read reviews from our many satisfied customers. If you’ve used our services, please feel free to leave us a review.

Paul Cunningham
12 October 2023
Fantastic Service did exactly what they said they would do.professional and responsive and great value.
Melanie Duffy
13 June 2023
Karl and his team were professional, efficient, and very hardworking. They mowed my overgrown lawn, removed overgrowth from ivy and brambles, and got rid of weeds from my patio and driveway. Communication was excellent, Karl kept me informed all the way through, always turned up when promised, and gave excellent advice. I would absolutely recommend his services.
Susan Murray
3 June 2023
Karl and the team have done a great job cutting back and tidying our garden. Work was very tidy all rubbish was removed and a very reasonable cost. Very happy to recommend their work.
Albert Robinson
1 June 2023
Professional, efficient and good value. Would highly recommend. Best thing is Karl kept me informed all the way through - and it wasn’t a glamorous job!
Rosemary Sykes
9 May 2023
Like everyone else on this site , I would most certainly recommend these guys. They removed a very large prickly bush from our garden . Cleared and tidied up brilliantly. Reliable ,answered all phone calls ... unlike many other companies !! A big thank you to Karl and his team .
Joan Bonnici-Smith
27 March 2023
Would definitely recommend this company, Karl, John and Fred worked really well, a professional job done weeding, mowing and clearing a 90ft overgrown garden, I'm very happy with result. A bigThankyou to them.
Ursula Rigert
8 February 2023
Professional, reliable, friendly and hardworking.Transformed my neglected overgrown garden into a well designed wildlife-friendly space. Karl is happy to share his knowledge and give advice. I would have no hesitation recommending Fischerco Gardening Company to family and friends.
Ruth Worthington
16 August 2021
Excellent speedy response and quick removal of Buddleia. Professional and polite and explained the process step by step and reassured me the problem was solved. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again or recommend them to someone else.
Sabine Abdou
15 August 2021
My experience with Fischerco was beyond exceptional, Karl and his team were very professional, knew exactly what needed to be done and went above and beyond in fixing the backyard of one of my properties with full transparency in terms of time required, work and cost. It will definitely not be the last time I work with Karl and his team!

24 Hour Emergency Service

Leaf Clearance, Fallen Tree Clearance, Snow and Ice Clearance

Call - 07711 890 490

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