Subscription Service

Subscription Service for Liverpool City Gardeners & Tree Surgeons

Attention! Liverpool based gardeners and Tree Surgeon’s who are struggling to get a regular flow of new gardening customers and clients…

Fischerco receives a constant flow of new customer enquiries contacting us to provide various gardening and tree surgery services around the Liverpool area. Fischerco doesn’t have the capacity to take on all new customers, plus some customers requirements don’t fit our criteria, as we may not cover that particular area in Liverpool.

Rather than Fischerco just rejecting the new customers, Fischerco is able to recommend your gardening or tree surgery service to new customers that we don’t take on board.

We'll refer customers to you

Subscription Cost

For a set fixed subscription fee of £100 a month, you will be added to our gardener recommendation panel, Fischerco will recommend you and will provide you with all customers job requirements who requested gardening services.  

We always obtain permission from the customer to send you the gardening or tree surgery job requirements and contact information.  

Customers may be rejected by Fischerco as they didn’t meet our criteria, we don’t cover that particular area in Liverpool, or we are too busy at that time to take on this particular gardening project, or we don’t do that kind of gardening work. 

Fischerco Gardeners Subscription is simple.

Low Cost Gardener/Tree Surgeon Subscription

You only pay £100 to subscribe, that is payable at the beginning of every month, for an uncapped amount of new gardening customer contact leads. 

You keep the customers and any money you earn from the gardening projects. 

No hidden costs, no hidden fees, no hidden commissions.  

Just pay £100 at the beginning of every month!

Terms & Conditions
  1. You may leave the subscription service at any time. Just don’t pay us for the following month. 
  2. You must pay the £100 fee to receive new customers for that particular month ie £100 paid in January for customer enquiries in January only.
  3. You provide the customer with your quote, the customer is yours once we have recommended you. 
  4. We will have no further contact with the customer once we have recommend you. 
  5. No refunds, you pay £100, we recommend you to customers. If you don’t secure the customer that isn’t our fault. If your quote is too high that’s not our fault. It is up to you to manage the customers. 

Join our Liverpool Gardener & Tree Surgeon Recommendation Panel Today!

We provide dozens of new customers to Liverpool Gardeners and Tree Surgeons who are happy and continue to subscribe to this service.

Call or WhatsApp Karl for a no-obligation chat on 07711 890 490 or complete the simple form below and Karl will be in touch.